Report on Disaster Relief Donations for the 2019 (Reiwa 1) Typhoon No. 15

Our thoughts are with those who were affected by the 2019 Typhoon No. 15.

Johnny’s Group donated part of the income from “Arashi-no Wakuwaku Gakko 2019” to Chiba Prefecture, which suffered huge damage, hoping for the reconstruction and recovery of affected areas as soon as possible. Masaki Aiba, a member of Arashi and a Chiba native, visited the Chiba Prefectural government and delivered the disaster relief donations as described below.

[Disaster relief donations for the 2019 Typhoon No. 15]
Date of visit: Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Place of visit: Chiba Prefectural Government
Donation: 60,000,000 yen
Donated to: Chiba Prefecture

All members of Johnny’s Group hope that the affected area will be restored and recover as soon as possible so that people living in the areas can return to normal life.

September 25, 2019
Johnny & Associates